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Finding an apartment

If you have ever relocated an employee to Berlin for your company before, you will know: Finding an apartment is one of the biggest challenges. Even companies that have their own housing for employees usually cannot cover their need with their ressources. And many employees experience the process of finding an apartment as exhausing and frustrating. We want you and your employees to be able to focus on your work – so we are happy to be the ace up your sleeve in the difficult Berlin apartment market.

How we help your employee to find an apartment

We will take your employee by the hand until he gets the keys to his new apartment. This includes accompanying him through the different steps of finding a home in Berlin:

  1. Preselection: We prepare a preselection of apartments according to your employee’s preferences
  2. Viewing appointments: We make appointments and accompany and advise your employee
  3. Communication: We mediate between your employee and the landlord or realtor, we check the rental contract and coordinate payment of the deposit.
  4. Support: When the apartment is handed over, we will be there to support your employee, as we were during the viewing appointments.

Additionally, we advise your employee on the different districs and neighbourhoods in Berlin and share insider knowledge during an orientation tour. It is important to know that we are no realtors – we give unbiased advice, as we do not have our own portfolio to sell or rent.

Special necessities for work-related relocation

If your employee is relocating to Berlin for work, there are some things to bear in mind – especially the time schedule. Of course, you want your employee to start working relaxed and on time. We will make sure that everything runs smoothly – and we provide you with important strategies: Usually it makes sense to rent a furnished apartment first. This makes registration easier, but also helps to obtain SCHUFA and a statement from the former landlord. These documents are not common outside of Germany, but they can be useful for renting an apartment in Berlin. We also offer to schedule multiple viewing appointments on one single day. This enables your employee to come to Germany for only one day and still visit a variety of apartments.