Interim Housing

Interim housing

Different situations can require to rent a furnished apartment in Berlin for some time: For example, visa and residence application, as well as insurance companies and banks will require a registered physical address in Berlin. It can also be easier to find an apartment for long term rent in Berlin, if you are already living in Berlin. And, of course, interim housing in a furnished apartment is also an option relocating to Berlin from overseas and having to wait for freight with furniture and other household goods to arrive. Last but not least, it is a good way to get to know Berlin and its districts before making the final step.

What to keep in mind when renting furnished apartments in Berlin

First of all it is important to note that moving to a furnished apartment usually requires less documents than moving into a regular apartment. It is important to know, though, that not all furnished apartments in Berlin are technically „legal“. This means that you cannot use the address for registering with the authorities. This can be the case if the apartment is sublet without the knowledge of the landlord or if local regulations do not allow this type of use for the apartment.

There are two types of furnished apartments available in Berlin:

  • Boarding houses/Apartment hotels: Serviced apartments with an own kitchen, used for short stays
  • Furnished Apartments: Regular apartments, fully furnished and also suitable for a longer stay

This is how we help to find a furnished apartment

When we are looking for a furnished apartment we use two strategies:

  • We cooperate with several agencies for interim housing, which offer numerous furnished apartments
  • We maintain a pool of trustworthy private persons who offer furnished apartments to rent

This gives us the ability to find a furnished apartment for your employee easily and quickly.

Our offer

We have a special offer: You can book a service bundle, which includes a furnished apartment as well as support with the search for a permanent home in Berlin. With this bundle you make sure that you  are  continously in good hands from your  arrival until holding  the keys to your new apartment in your hands. Call us or write an e-mail to find out more about our interim housing services.