Our Berlin Relocation Service – Kita & School

Finding the best schools in Berlin

If you are moving to Berlin with children, you will face some additional challenges: You want your child to be in good hands, to go to the right school and to feel at home soon. We provide you with an overview over nursery and day care facilities and the German school system and help you to realise your ideas. There is a broad variety of offers for small children – ranging from bilingual child day care to vegan day nurseries. The German school system also offers different types of schools, both private and public, to choose from. We are by your side throughout the process, from applications to appointments with the authorities.

What day care options are there for small children in Berlin?

Children below school age can attend day care facilities, known as Kindergarten or Kita. They do, however, need a Kita voucher to apply for a space in a facility. We can help you to apply for a Kita voucher and to meet the requirements: One of them is a registered residence in Berlin. At the same time you will have to find a space for your child in one of the facilities, as the voucher only gives you permission for day care – but does not guarantee a space. We contact different day-care centres for you and assist you with the application.

How many hours of care per day are granted with the Kita voucher depends on the parents’ work requirements: If both work full time, the child gets a full time voucher (7-9 hrs.). Individual needs resulting from the family situation can allow for longer daily care times.

The school system and schools in Berlin

School education is compulsory in Germany. In Berlin this applies to children from the year in which they turn six years old on. Therefore, the city of Berlin has to provide school access for every child that is required to attend school. We gladly assist you with your communication with school authorities and with finding a suitable school near your home – and we provide you with all the information you need on the school system in Berlin and the different types of schools: from public schools to international schools in Berlin, English schools in Berlin and bilingual schools in Berlin.

In any case you should be prepared for a long processing period – and let us know about your needs regarding your children early enough to give us time for all the necessary formalities and preparations.