Customer reviews

  • 5 star review  Move to Berlin made it all easy for me. They were very transparent about what to expect and we found a perfect balance between what my needs were and what the market had to offer. My consultant, Simona, did an amazing job with the search. She was extremely friendly and she was always there when I had any questions and helped with everything end-to-end. This was a great experience!

    thumb Łukasz Cybulski
    3. March 2022

    5 star review  We've had a great experience finding our first flat in Berlin with Sabine Engelhardt. After getting to know each other over coffee, she tuned the home search process to our personal taste & style. She is not only very friendly but also hardworking and greatly capable in what she does: in a city where finding a flat you like, let alone finding it fast, is virtually impossible, we got the first apartment we fell for, thanks to her interpersonal skills and efficiency. Not only that, but she has also helped us with the initial communication with the Landlord and the rental contract, as well as in making the electricity & heating contracts. Greatly recommended, and the first person I would turn to if I need to look for a flat again.

    thumb Gulce Masrabaci
    28. June 2017

    5 star review  Many thanks to Catharina, she made my move to Berlin smooth and hassle free.

    thumb Robert Engel
    15. March 2021

    5 star review  I've lived in Berlin mulitple times over the years and the apartment search is always a misery. I almost didn't come back to the city I love because of it. However Move To Berlin and specifically their star agent, Pauline, made this process seamless. I got a flat in record time and it was my first pick. Its an end to end service that can handle and support all the paperwork and formalities that expats and even locals can struggle to get done. Our entire company now trusts them with all of our relocations and every single person has come away impressed.

    thumb Adnaan Ebrahim
    26. August 2019
  • 5 star review  I've had a pleasant experience in working with "Move To Berlin" while obtaining my work visa.

    thumb Arkalyk Akash
    20. February 2020

    5 star review  Excellent service. I came to Berlin with a work Visa and they supported me in every step of the different requirements for it, making in super easy. For relocation I had the pleasure to get assistance from Marlene, who was amazing and got me the apartment I'm currently living in. This is not usually easy given the amount of people looking for places but thanks to her I was able to get a very nice place after only a couple of viewings. Really good communication and quick response.I highly recommend them!

    thumb Nacho Buono
    29. January 2020

    5 star review  I can highly recommend Move To Berlin. Sabine helped me to get set up initially with a work visa and temporary flat. I was surprised at how smooth this was. Marlene helped me find a permanent flat much faster than I could have expected and made a notoriously difficult process seem easy. There was honestly not a stressful moment throughout.

    thumb Lane Spangler
    25. February 2020

    5 star review  I recently relocated to Berlin and cannot recommend Move to Berlin enough. Christine was incredibly helpful in assisting me with arranging my work and residence permit and thoroughly explained every step of the process, responding to all of my questions and concerns no matter how minor. Because of her, what could have been a very long and frustrating process getting paperwork together and arranging meetings was incredibly quick, smooth, and low stress. I would absolutely work with Move to Berlin again in the future!

    thumb Emily Ziegelmeyer
    25. October 2017