Our Berlin Relocation Service – Visa & Registrations

Obtaining a Visa for Germany

EU-Citizens and their relatives are allowed to settle and work anywhere within the European Union. Therefore they do not need a visa, residence title or work permit. Apart from some exceptions, non-EU-Citizens, who wish to enter Germany, need a visa. For staying longer or taking up employment they have to apply for a residence title and a work permit. The Residence Act of Germany regulates the access to the national employment market. There are different types of temporary residence permits – each of them bound to a certain purpose of stay.

What kind of residency can I apply for?

  1. If you are a graduate, working in a leading position with an annual income above 51.000 €, you can apply for a Blue Card.  The advantage is, that the application process is rather simple and it is issued relatively fast.
  2. If you are a professional below the Blue Card level the process is more complex. Once you have a specific job offer in Germany, the federal agency of employment will verify the availability of a German professional for that position. At the same time they control the lawfulness of your work contract and the adequacy of the salary. As far as possible, the employer will have checked this, before you come to Germany.
  3. If you are a freelancer you need to prove substantial savings to secure your living costs while building up your business. It is important to show that there is market for your business idea. It is advisable to have letters of intent from about three German companies.
  4. If your case is not mentioned, contact us, there are many different regulations.

General requirements for working in Germany

  • Attention: You are not allowed to start working without the official permit.
  • Every type of residence permit requires a registered address in Berlin or Germany. That is why we recommend renting a furnished apartment, where you can register and then look after the subsequent paperwork using that address.
  • Health insurance is mandatory in Germany. It is also required for any form of residence permit. Getting insured can take a few weeks, depending on the individual situation. We are working with insurance experts who can advise you on your options in English.