Our Berlin Relocation Service – Moving Management

Moving to Berlin is easier with us

The day has finally come: You have found an apartment, the schedule is fixed and you are full of anticipation. Now it is time for the actual removal – which might involve your entire household being packed up in boxes and moved to Berlin. This is an important step that needs to be planned well, so that everything can go smoothly and the new apartment quickly becomes a home. Therefore it is crucial to work with the best partners: Move to Berlin will take these worries off you. We only work with experienced and reliable removal companies in Berlin, who we would entrust our own households with. You will receive three offers from us and make your own choice.

What you need to bear in mind when moving to Berlin

International removals to Berlin usually make it very important to be on schedule. Long distance transports can make it necessary to put furniture or other household goods in interim storage. Customs can be another time-consuming issue. We make sure that your removal company is ready to take care of all that and offers both interim storage and customs service.

These are issues we generally recommend to keep in mind:

  1. Plan your freight accurately. And do make sure that there are no forgotten boxes or other items in the basement.
  2. Prepare your time schedule early. A possible clash of appointments can be taken care of and necessary changes can be made before a problem arises.
  3. Consider the situation of the Berlin housing market. It is usually not easy to find the perfect apartment on short notice. Ensure that there is enough time planned for the apartment search.
  4. Don’t forget registering with authorities and utilities. It is also recommendable to make a list of current subscriptions, as you will have to cancel these or to inform suppliers about your new address.

We recommend

Our recommendation for removal companies in Berlin is PLISCHKA. They offer international removals, interim storage and customs services among other services. When you move to Berlin with PLISCHKA they are also prepared to assemble furniture and fix sanitary and electric devices – in other words, they provide full service and leave less things for you to worry about.