• The professional and friendly staff from Move To Berlin helped us with the challenging search for an apartment and tricky bureaucracy of registering with Berlin authorities. Nicole was relentless in identifying housing opportunities, and she was supportive throughout the ups and downs of the housing search. Nicole made sure we had everything covered for the rental agreement and even attended our apartment handover. Carola and Angelina were wonderful in helping us with the official registration with the Berlin authorities. Thanks to them we had all of the necessary documents prepared in advance, and Carola helped us register quickly and easily. I would definitely use Move To Berlin again and would recommend it to anyone moving to the city.

    thumb Ian Marquardt
    8. Juli 2022

    Catharina was the agent working on my relocation and i can easily say i couldn't get any better service. Very professional, always responding on time and following up on everything. Highly recommended.

    thumb Ammad Butt
    5. August 2021

    Anne from Move To Berlin was extremely nice and professional. Thanks to her dedication I got to visit quite a lot of apartments that fit my criteria and eventually got the one I really wished for. Overall the whole process may seem tedious when moving to Berlin but if you're accompanied by someone like Anne, you shouldn't be too worried, she and Move to Berlin got your back 🙂

    thumb Lee Oscar Meyer
    5. Juli 2021

    The agency helped me with Blue Card and a flat search in Berlin. The service is awesome, I worked with Nicole and Anne. They helped me to navigate through all the bureaucracy, uncertainty and bunch of unknown German terms. Thank you so much!

    thumb Olena Shapoval
    1. Juli 2022
  • Carola was of great help in our move to Berlin, helping us with all the bureaucratic paperwork and advising us in many areas in this new city. Thank you!

    thumb Natalia Ferber
    23. Dezember 2020

    Move to Berlin was super helpful in getting an urgent visa appointment for me and taking care of the full process, two times!

    thumb Ivona Trajceska
    27. Juli 2021

    I moved to Berlin alone from the US and hired Move to Berlin for both my freelancer visa and my housing search. I could not have been happier with Christine! She was very personable and extremely helpful through out the process. Her experience and understanding on how everything works is priceless. If you are moving to Berlin and don't speak the language, i can almost guarantee you will have a hard time finding a place if you don't hire help. This move could have been incredibly stressful if I didn't have the support and guidance from Christine. Hiring Move to Berlin was the best decision I could have ever made! Thanks so much!

    thumb Melissa Byron
    26. März 2018

    Many thanks to Catharina, she made my move to Berlin smooth and hassle free.

    thumb Robert Engel
    15. März 2021