• Anne from Move To Berlin was extremely nice and professional. Thanks to her dedication I got to visit quite a lot of apartments that fit my criteria and eventually got the one I really wished for. Overall the whole process may seem tedious when moving to Berlin but if you're accompanied by someone like Anne, you shouldn't be too worried, she and Move to Berlin got your back 🙂

    thumb Lee Oscar Meyer
    5. Juli 2021

    Christine and Sabine have been so helpful to us in dealing with the ins and outs of getting our work visas here in Berlin. We (literally) couldn't have done it without their help. Courteous, friendly and timely. Their familiarity with the system and the proper methods of moving the process along were key to getting the paperwork logjam we were in finally flowing. If you need help with anything involved in moving to Berlin, do not hesitate to use this service. My only regret was not finding them earlier!

    thumb Travis Theune
    25. Juni 2018

    I've lived in Berlin mulitple times over the years and the apartment search is always a misery. I almost didn't come back to the city I love because of it. However Move To Berlin and specifically their star agent, Pauline, made this process seamless. I got a flat in record time and it was my first pick. Its an end to end service that can handle and support all the paperwork and formalities that expats and even locals can struggle to get done. Our entire company now trusts them with all of our relocations and every single person has come away impressed.

    thumb Adnaan Ebrahim
    26. August 2019

    Really great experience. Saved me a lot of time and frustration. Fantastic customer focus. Would recommend without any hesitation.

    thumb Brendan Coburn
    12. Juni 2018
  • Move-to-berlin helped me find a rental apartment as per my requirements amid a very difficult rental housing market within two months. For perspective, I have heard of cases that even take years. The agent that works on my case, Helen, was extremely efficient and responsive during the entire process, be it early mornings, evenings or during weekends.

    thumb Gia Phat Tram
    10. Januar 2023

    Simona supported me very well all paperwork for getting my visa and move-in process ! she explained me every step and time period. I recommend Move to Berlin and Simona. 👍🏻👍🏻

    thumb Gizem K.
    27. Februar 2022

    Great service! I was moving from Switzerland to Berlin due to a new job and had little time for the search of a flat. Move to Berlin and Christine offered very helpful and professional support!

    thumb Lukas Graf
    22. Juli 2018

    Very nice service. Help me a lot during the relocation process, and also help me find a proper apartment in Berlin. They always reply on time and handle things properly. I am glad that my relocation is handled by them. They provide amazing service and really helpful.

    thumb 楊詠翔
    20. Juni 2019