• Smooth and hassle free help with relocating. Found me a temporary apartment in a week, and a permanent place in less than a month.

    thumb Thomas Ekelund
    12. Februar 2019

    Move to Berlin - Relocation Service & Real Estate GbR helped me and my family in Relocation support to Germany. Move to Berlin GbR is the best and most reliable relocation company you would ever find especially in Germany. They are totally reliable and trustworthy and very responsive to all the request in timely manner. Move to Berlin GbR made our bureaucratic process related to but not limited to Blue Card, City Registration and others very simple and convenient. Move to Berlin - Relocation Service & Real Estate GbR is an immaculate relocation company, I particularly loved it because they joined us to BIS Berlin office which helped us a lot in German communication and smooth processing. I would give 5 Stars rating to Move to Berlin - Relocation Service & Real Estate GbR and highly recommend to Companies and Private Customers whoever interested in relocation services.

    thumb akhtar ali
    17. Mai 2021

    I am fully satisfied with Move to Berlin’s services. Especially with the efforts of my consultant Simona, the whole process was proper and stress-free. She is very helpful, super friendly and careful with procedures and deadlines. She has also been very patient with my questions and replied to them on time and clearly.

    thumb Neyra Sayin
    13. Oktober 2022

    Anne from Move To Berlin was extremely nice and professional. Thanks to her dedication I got to visit quite a lot of apartments that fit my criteria and eventually got the one I really wished for. Overall the whole process may seem tedious when moving to Berlin but if you're accompanied by someone like Anne, you shouldn't be too worried, she and Move to Berlin got your back 🙂

    thumb Lee Oscar Meyer
    5. Juli 2021
  • I've lived in Berlin mulitple times over the years and the apartment search is always a misery. I almost didn't come back to the city I love because of it. However Move To Berlin and specifically their star agent, Pauline, made this process seamless. I got a flat in record time and it was my first pick. Its an end to end service that can handle and support all the paperwork and formalities that expats and even locals can struggle to get done. Our entire company now trusts them with all of our relocations and every single person has come away impressed.

    thumb Adnaan Ebrahim
    26. August 2019

    Very nice service. Help me a lot during the relocation process, and also help me find a proper apartment in Berlin. They always reply on time and handle things properly. I am glad that my relocation is handled by them. They provide amazing service and really helpful.

    thumb 楊詠翔
    20. Juni 2019

    Move To Berlin is an excellent relocation service. We moved with my wife to Berlin a little while ago, and the agency was of immense help. It is hard to get an apartment in Berlin, but with the help of our agent Marlene, we found an apartment that suited our needs and wants from a good neighborhood! She also helped us with all kinds of mandatory paperwork, supported us and answered our questions whenever we needed any help. Overall the service is excellent! We definitely would have struggled a lot, if we had to do everything ourselves. It was a really pleasant experience, and we definitely recommend this service to everyone! Thank you once again for your service!

    thumb Aku Mähönen
    16. Januar 2020

    I have moved to the Berlin on February, and Christine was responsible for my visa and registration and the residence permit staff. I can tell you that you will see how it can be fast and qualified at the same time with Christine and her company. My visa progress has ended almost 2 months before than expected because she was taking care about all the things that should be done. And also, once I came here, after 3 days, she was already completed my registration. 1 months later, we got the appointment for residence permit from BIS, and the operation was really less than 5 minutes to complete. Wrapping up, you can directly choose this company for your relocation to Berlin. Don't think twice, nothing else matters !

    thumb Oğuz Şimşek
    5. April 2018