Spandau is located in the west of Berlin on the border to Brandenburg. The river Havel on the east of the district separated Spandau from the rest of Berlin.
Spandau has different faces – industrial thanks to Siemensstadt, provincial due to the historic centre which is even older then Berlin and rural in the south with the areas Gatow and Kladow.
Currently planned is the redesign of the historic centre of Spandau and is about new areas for residential and traffic system expansion. The core of Spandau is currently separated of the rest of Spandau they plan to develop an attractive connection between city and nature.
Known for Spandau is the Zitadelle, one of the most significant persevered fortresses of Europe. Often used as scenery, for instance for Edgar Wallace Movies, is the Zitadelle Spandau nowadays known for fantastic open air concerts in summer, many changing exhibits and the Zitadellenschänke where you can celebrate opulent medieval feasts.

District areas:

Spandau, Staaken, Haselhorst, Siemensstadt, Gatow, Kladow, Falkenhagener Feld, Hakenfelde, Wilhelmstadtcontent


The supply of housing in Spandau is manifold. In general the rents in the western (or south) part of Spandau are higher than in the east of the district. The objects range from apartment houses in Siemensstadt that are typical for Berlin to mansions and single-family houses in rural landscapes in Kladow and Gatow. In the southern part you find more people sale their properties then renting it. Due its location on the river Havel, “Pichelssee”, “Scharfe Lanke”, Gatow and Kladow are popular residential areas.
North of the Havel they construct at the moment the “Wasserstadt Spandau” (water city).

Public transport:

As public transportations there are train, metro and numerous bus lines available. The U7 extends from Rudow over Siemensstadt and Haselhorst and Altstadt Spandau to the townhall, Rathaus Spandau.