Learn German Fast

One of the biggest challenges that your employee will encounter when moving to Germany is to learn German. Without proper guidance this can quickly turn into a painful and frustrating experience. A private tutor is probably the most efficient choice, as your employee certainly does not want to sit in a classroom with 10–20 other learners, most of which will either make him wait for him or leave him behind.

The smarterGerman method

Michael from smarterGerman has developed an extremely efficient German learning method, which can teach your employee the same amount and quality of German in just 30 days as he would learn in a so-called intensive group course at any other institution in Germany in six months.

His approach provides him with a clear and simple learning structure that he can apply, regardless of whether he has 30 minutes or 3 hours available every day. Your employee will also learn how to learn a language most efficiently and he will individually focus on the German words and idioms that most suit his needs – and not be bothered with what thousands of other learners want to learn.

Learning German efficiently – benefits for your employee

Working with smarterGerman is an enriching and deeply satisfying experience that will help your employee to stay out of the expat bubble (or help him to get out, if he is already trapped). He or she should not wait too long with enrolling in tuition: With the new German language skills your employee will discover places, situations and opportunities in Germany that otherwise would remain hidden from him.