Our Berlin Relocation Service – Real Estate

Our real estate services: We help you to buy a house in Berlin

Germany’s capital and largest city is highly dynamic, international and diverse. Therefore, buying real estate in Berlin has many considerable advantages. Berlin real estate prices are another reason to be interested: They are lower than in any other European capital. Our relocation service gets us in direct contact with the real estate market in Berlin every day – and we would like to share our profound experience with you by counselling you on buying and selling real estate in Berlin. We help you to find the house or apartment you are looking for – both, for own use or for investment.

Buying a house or an apartment in Berlin with us

You plan to invest in a house or in an apartment in Berlin? Use our knowledge of the local real estate market and its prospects for your advantage! We guide you step by step:

  1. We explain the Berlin real estate market to you, including prospects and opportunities, legal framework and the individual steps of the purchase.
  2. According to your wishes and your proposed frame of investment, we present a preselection of matching properties.
  3. We coordinate the viewing appointments, pick you up and accompany you.
  4. We put all our effort into negotiating a reasonable price for you.
  5. If needed, we also assist in planning the funding for your purchase.
  6. We are prepared to take on renting your house or apartment.

We are completely independent and, unlike real estate agents, not selling properties from our portfolio. Therefore, we have only your interests in mind when counselling you.

Selling a house or an apartment in Berlin with us

We gladly use our contacts to help you sell your property in Berlin, as well. There are different channels we are using for real estate sales:

  1. Our network and the relocation service.
  2. English-speaking real estate platforms for the UK-, US- and Scandinavian market.

Through these channels, your real estate offer will find a worldwide audience of sound prospective buyers. And of course, just like when you are buying property with us, we will guide you through the entire sale process.