Office location Service

Business Location Service

Berlin is an exciting city for business: It is Germany’s capital and largest city but, on the other hand, rent for housing and office spaces is suprisingly low – lower than in most other important european cities. There are things to bear in mind when relocating your business to Berlin or starting a Business here, though. We at Move to Berlin are keen to help you make a perfect start in Berlin – and we can lift some of those issues from your shoulders.

What you should know about finding a location in Berlin

Germany’s capital offers a broad variety of options for locating your business. The 12 districts are quite different from each other – therefore you should put some thought into finding a suitable spot. Your business will benefit from its location depending on the local culture and demography.

  • While some companies thrive on the outskirts of Berlin, near the Autobahn, and benefit from the large available spaces, other companies are located right in the center of Berlin, surrounded by bars, cafés and public transportation
  • Business rent can drastically vary between districts and areas in Berlin

We advise you to specify your requirements and wishes as clearly as possible – maybe also paying mind to how your employees can travel to work most easily every day – to be able to find matching objects for your business.

Our business location services in Berlin-Mitte

We are at home in Berlin – in every respect. And we are glad to use our knowlege for helping you to find the perfect location for your business in Berlin. Just let us know what you need, and we can:

  • elaborate on requirements for the object
  • select areas and examine infrastructural requirements and possibilities
  • find a matching business place/office for you

As soon as an object has been found, we countinue to support you at all further proceedings. We will negotiate the realtor’s commission and check the rental contract for you. At your request we can also help you find suppliers for phone, internet and everything else you might need in your office.