Interesting facts:

Lichtenberg has as well a traditional side as a modern and provides even at/in some parts an almost rural atmosphere. This district is quite young and became lively not before the middle of the 70s.
It’s for those times futuristic architecture served several times as scenery for science fiction movies. One of the most impressive buildings is the baroque castle with landscaped garden in Friedrichsfelde. The Tierpark is with 160 hectare ground and around 7500 animals the biggest zoological garden of Europe.
To escape the everyday life and to relax this garden is at any season worth a visit. Very known is Alt-Hohenschönhausen for its passion for sport. Here your find Germanys biggest Olympic base / centre, where already numerous Olympic champions and world champions got .. discovered and trained. In winter tourist and locals are invited to do ice skating at the “Wellblechpalast”.

Districts areas:

Lichtenberg, Alt- & Neu- Hohenschönhausen, Friedrichsfelde, Karlshorst, Malchow, Falkenberg, Wartenberg, Fennpfuhl, Rummelsburg


Lichtenberg is a very multifaceted district and provides from fields, mansion settlements to old buildings and new housing settlements everything.
But “Plattenbau” (prefabricated buildings), created in the 70s, dominating the center of the district. Between them isolated you find also old buildings.
Further towards the district border, in Karlshorst, you find a mansion colony, which is said to be the most attractive residential area in the whole east of Berlin. In Rummelsburg you can choose between “Wilhelminian-style” buildings and newly created apartment houses.

Public transport:

The district is good connected to the public transportation. Here you have the metro line U5, the Ringbahn in the west and some train lines of the railway line to the surrounding districts (S7, S75 to Wartenberg and Ahrensfelde, S5 to Strausberg Nord and S3 to Erkner).