IT Talent Service

IT Talent Service

IT professionals are indispensable for most companies nowadays: They administrate the company network and the software that is being used, they programme apps and software solutions and they develop and maintain the company website or online shop. That makes hiring the best IT talents a great strategic advantage – especially for companies relying largely on the internet. We are happy to  cooperate with the recruitment network Dondila and therefore be able to assist you in finding the right experts – whether for the office you relocated to Berlin or for your new business.

What recruiters need to know about IT professionals

Programmers and other IT professionals are usually highly specialised – and for some applications there are only a handful of developers available worldwide. But even with more general applications, the demand is usually quite high. For this reason, IT positions cannot always be filled as quickly as you would want them to. Highly qualified IT professionals from foreign are interesting for a growing number of companies.

Therefore it could make sense to task a specialised agency with the search for a suitable candidate. You will save time and you can expect perfectly matched results. We gladly advise you on immigration regulations and on how to obtain a working permit for your future employees.

Hire software developers easily and fuss-free

Dondila International Talent Network is a new platform for efficient recruiting of highly skilled software developers. The services they offer include:

  • recording individual search parameters for your candidate
  • ad placement outside of Germany
  • screening of candidates through phone and video calls, obtaining of references
  • advertising your company to the candidate
  • consultation and coordination of appointments
  • matching of profiles to your job ad – they only send the right candidates to you
  • an unlimited number of profiles for an unlimited number of positions

If you wish to learn more about how Dondila International Talent Network can help you to cover your requirements regarding IT personnel, please visit