Our Berlin Relocation Service – Homesearch

Finding apartments to rent in Berlin

Available apartments are scarce in Berlin – but the Move to Berlin team possesses valuable knowledge of the Berlin housing market. And our knowledge is your strategic advantage when you’re looking to rent an apartment in Berlin. While advising you, we are impartial: We are no real-estate agents who are trying to sell or rent own objects – we exclusively focus on your wishes and needs.

How Move to Berlin assists you in finding apartments in Berlin

We aim to take the hassle out of finding the perfect housing for you. Therefore we act as an intermediary between you and the landlord or real estate agent. This happens in four steps:

  1. We prepare a pre-selection of apartments according to your wishes, ideas and schedule.
  2. We arrange viewing appointments for the apartments you chose from the pre-selection and we accompany you to these appointments.
  3. We review your rental contract and coordinate the rental bond payment.
  4. We accompany you when the apartment is being handed over and we supervise the process.

This provides you with some important advantages in the Berlin housing market, which is characterized by scarce offers and mass appointments. We help you to keep track of what’s important – and to stand out of the large group of applicants. Additionally, you benefit from our expert knowledge and from experienced and unbiased consulting, from the first viewing appointment until you hold the keys to the apartment in your hands.

Renting furnished apartments in Berlin

If you require a residence permit to live in Berlin, there is another challenge to face: a registered place of residence is required to apply for the permit. In this case we advise you to rent a furnished apartment in Berlin first. This can also be a good solution for a very tight time schedule or for a temporary stay in Berlin. If you are looking for furnished apartments in Berlin, we will present a preselection to you and guide you through the process – just like with a regular apartment.  Additionally, you benefit from our contacts to agencies and private owners that offer temporary housing.